A look at original shows by online video services

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Netflix’s deal to air 300 hours of original television programming from Dreamworks Animation in a multi-year deal is part of a trend in which online streaming video services including Amazon and Hulu are increasingly producing original shows.

The new content often stacks up in length and quality to regular TV fare, and that of pay TV services such as HBO and Showtime. The original content is meant to supplement a steady supply of TV show reruns and older movies. The aim is to attract new subscribers and keep existing customers interested with material they can’t get elsewhere.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent original online shows:


“Lilyhammer” (January 2012) — A New York mobster finds himself in Norway under a U.S. witness protection program.

“House of Cards” (February 2013) — Kevin Spacey plays scheming majority whip Francis Underwood.

“Arrested Development”…

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